Bank deposits aren’t secure unless your bank customers are secure.

We’ve spoken to a number of banks who are interested in the ability to automate ACH audits for their commercial customers. 

Security is crucial for all commercial customers but especially those doing RDC, ACH, and Wires.

This is why it’s important to get started with the LexAlign Security Diagnostic, also known as ACH Part 1:

  • LexAlign makes the expertise contained in regulatory guidance easily accessible and actionable for commercial customers.
  • LexAlign shows them precisely where their operations deviate from what regulators require or recommend for online banking.
  • LexAlign empowers commercial customers with actionable information and tailored resources to be the fortified frontline against fraud while automatically demonstrating proactive and effective risk management by the bank.
  • LexAlign provides commercial customers with a security policy that regulators expect them to have.