Frontline Fraud Defense

Financial institutions rely on manual and increasingly ineffective methods for managing the risks of fraud, mistake, and cyber crime across their customers.  These methods are exorbitantly costly yet increasingly ineffective.

LexAlign’s solution automates the on-site security and compliance audit function, to enable effective and efficient remote operations risk management, and to align growth with demonstrable risk management

Challenge: Manual Oversight

Today, financial institutions manually perform oversight with significant human error.

Solution: Automated Oversight

With LexAlign, the oversight process is automated, eliminating human error.

Challenge: Expensive Oversight

Today, the cost of oversight is prohibitive and resources are kept from higher-value work.

Solution: Affordable Oversight

With LexAlign, the cost of oversight is reduced by up to 90% and resources can focus on higher-value work.

Challenge: Incomplete Oversight

Today, financial institutions perform oversight for a small fraction of their business customers.

Solution: Complete Oversight

With LexAlign, it is possible to support 100% of their business customers.





Financial institutions’ reliance on manual processes, non-standardization, and lack of routines make it difficult to audit their business customers for compliance and the risk of fraud and money laundering. They lack an effective way to monitor and assist their customers with these risks because their manual approach is too expensive to be applied to their entire customer base. In addition, the vast majority of their customers lacks the sophistication and resources needed to master the rules, risks, and responsibilities associated with electronic fund transfers. These issues are costing financial institutions, their partners, and customers billions of dollars per year. The LexAlign solution addresses these problems by empowering customers to take control of their risks and meet their regulatory and security responsibilities.


Customer Audits.



LexAlign’s SaaS solution automates the way financial institutions meet their customer audit, training, and support requirements. LexAlign’s solution extracts and delivers pertinent data on customer actions that are vital for required oversight and risk management for Automated Clearing House (ACH) payments, wire transfers, and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). This empowers financial institutions’ business customers with assessment-driven technology that automatically generates gap analysis, action plans, and the policies they need to manage compliance and risk.





For financial institutions, LexAlign’s solution provides a compliance dashboard containing the audit and training modules for each of their customers along with their assessment status, results, confidence levels, gap analysis, and trends. The solution provides ongoing monitoring and support for customer processes required to reduce the risk of fraud by empowering the financial institutions’ business customers—no matter their size, sophistication, and resources—to assess their risk and meet their regulatory and security responsibilities.

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LexAlign’s SaaS solution automates customer oversight⁠—helping control the risk of fraud, breach, and noncompliance.