Third Party Oversight

LexAlign offers a SaaS solution that automates the way financial institutions meet their customer audit, training, and support requirements. LexAlign’s proprietary SaaS platform extracts and delivers pertinent data on third party actions that are vital for required oversight and risk management. LexAlign’s solution empowers financial institutions’ third party network with assessment-driven technology that automatically generates gap analysis, action plans, and the policies they need to manage compliance and risk. 

Scalable Solution

Empowering Third Party Risk Management

LexAlign’s SaaS solution empowers financial institutions to effectively manage the risk of fraud, compliance, and information security across their network of customers, vendors, and partners⁠—especially as it relates to Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfers, and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC).

The benefits of using LexAlign’s SaaS solution touch the entire financial institution ecosystem.


Provides financial institutions with the only scalable solution for managing third party risk.


Enables proactive and targeted third party risk management for the entire customer and supplier ecosystem by replacing manual, reactive, error-prone, and hugely inefficient systems with automated insight.


Affordable and available to most financial institutions through popular core processors, making it the industry standard for third party risk management.


Accessed by financial institutions in the same way they access their other applications from their core processors, making it an easy-to-use turnkey solution that provides rapid time-to-value.


Regulators review our audits and services on a regular basis and support our dashboards as a way to facilitate examinations.

Best Practices

Manages the best practices that help third parties understand and follow the rules, risks, and responsibilities that apply to them.


Our solution is maintained and kept up to date, ensuring the most current information is being used.


Empowers third parties to proactively manage their risks themselves, whereas they currently have no practical and affordable way to understand the rules, risks, and responsibilities that apply to them.

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