LexAlign’s mission is to reduce the risk of fraud wherever it lies. Our solution focuses on financial services today, moving into insurance soon.

The LexAlign solution applies to a number of additional markets that will be addressed over time. If you’d like to talk about how our solution can apply to your industry, we welcome the conversation.


Financial Services

The financial services market faces a number of challenges that represent a significant risk of financial loss as well as reputational harm.  Some of these challenges include fraud, phishing, and cyber-attacks that represent billions of dollars of losses every year.

LexAlign’s SaaS solution empowers financial institutions to effectively manage the risk of fraud, compliance, and information security across their network of customers, vendors, and partners (especially as it relates to Automated Clearing House (ACH), wire transfers, and Remote Deposit Capture (RDC). LexAlign’s SaaS solution provides ongoing monitoring, gap analysis, and support for customer processes required to reduce the risk of fraud and money laundering. The solution empowers the financial institutions’ commercial customers—no matter their size, sophistication, and resources—to assess their risk, detect unusual activity, and meet their regulatory and security responsibilities.


The insurance market also faces a number of challenges that impact the ability to properly assess their risk for insurance products. One of these challenges is their ability to price new products such as cyber security insurance.

LexAlign enables insurers to price risk and do loss prevention and control for product lines where it isn’t otherwise practical.

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