LexAlign does a number of things to ensure emails are delivered to bank customers and can be trusted. Most of these are easily configured in the LexAlign Control Panel.

  • We use a sub-domain of the bank’s domain such as “lexalign.bankname.com”. LexAlign provisions this sub-domain based on the name the bank wants to use. When we provision the domain, we provide DNS (Domain Name System) information to the bank so that their IT department can add these records to their DNS. This lets email servers know that the email is authorized by the bank’s domain.
  • We use a “Sender name” that matches what bank customers are used to seeing.
  • We use a “reply to” email address that matches what bank customers are used to seeing.
  • We include a link in the emails to a frequently asked questions page that lives on the banks website.
  • We use the bank’s email footer as another item that bank customers will recognize to help them trust the email.

In addition to the above, prior to the launch of LexAlign, the bank will send an email through their normal delivery letting their customers know that they are using a new system for their annual audit process and to expect emails from LexAlign.