LexAlign Bank Targets

  • Auditor/Regulator Finding:  The bank has had regulatory or audit findings for inadequate remote operations risk management (in particular, relating to RDC, ACH or Wires, or related fraud) and needs to respond quickly.
  • Rapid Growth in their Treasury Account Base:  Banks facing a merger or other rapid growth in their treasury account base.  Such banks confront the non-scalability of legacy manual processes most acutely.  A LexAlign client contending with a threefold increase in RDC customer count due to a merger recently said “it would have been a nightmare without LexAlign.”
  • Banks Facing Heightened Regulatory Oversight:  Banks can face growing regulatory oversight for a number of reasons.
    • Banks at or nearing the $10B in assets threshold.
    • Banks engaged in BaaS or other perceived high-risk activities.
    • Community banks growing into Regional banks.
    • Banks moving from a State to a Federal charter.