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LexAlign PBC’s mission is to facilitate compliance by helping you determine what companies like yours should do in order to be compliant with applicable laws. LexAlign should not be relied upon exclusively to determine what actions are required by law. You should read these Legal Notices in conjunction with the User Agreement located at, of which they form part. Nothing in these Important Legal Notices expands the terms of the rights or privileges granted in the User Agreement or limits the terms protecting LexAlign, including (but not limited to) Sections 3, 4, 5, 6, 9 and 10 of the User Agreement. Capitalized terms are defined in the User Agreement.

LexAlign does not provide legal advice.



Together, the LexAlign Site and Services are a self-help general information resource on regulatory requirements applicable to certain businesses and activities. As such, the LexAlign Site and Services are intended as an alternative to other self-help general information resources, such as books, other websites and any other published content on the specific subject matters (Topics) covered by LexAlign’s Products and other Services. As compared with those other self-help resources, we believe LexAlign is far more efficient in terms of time and cost, in that we designed LexAlign to help you more efficiently locate information that might be relevant to you, as compared to (for example) using the subject matter index of a book covering the same topic.

LexAlign’s Site and Services are not intended as, are NOT, and should not be construed as a substitute for professional services rendered by attorneys or compliance experts. LexAlign recommends that any Products or other information you obtain from the Site be reviewed for appropriateness, relevance, accuracy and completeness for your specific purposes with an attorney or compliance expert that knows your business organization and its relevant activities.

Not a law firm; No Attorney-Client Relationship


  • LexAlign is not a law firm, and does not provide legal services.
  • LexAlign’s Products and other informational content you might obtain from LexAlign have been prepared for general informational purposes only and do not constitute legal advice, or advertising or solicitation for legal services.
  • Neither the availability, operation, transmission, receipt nor use of the LexAlign Site or Services is intended to create, or constitutes formation of, an attorney-client relationship or any other special relationship or privilege.
  • You should not rely upon the LexAlign Services for any purpose without seeking legal advice from licensed attorneys in the relevant state(s).

Authority and Responsibility

By creating an account on the Site you warrant that you are authorized to enter into agreements with LexAlign on behalf of the company you enter on the account creation form with regard to your use of the LexAlign Site and Services. In addition, you warrant that you have the capacity to enter into legal contracts on behalf of yourself, as an individual.

Your Account. You are responsible for the security of the password and other credentials you use to access your LexAlign account. You acknowledge and agree that you personally are ultimately responsible for any use by any user (other than LexAlign or any agent of LexAlign) of your LexAlign account, including without limitation for payment for any LexAlign Product procured using your account credentials. You agree to inform LexAlign immediately upon learning of any use of your account that is not authorized by you.

Use by Agents. You agree that, if an agent (e.g., an attorney, an employee, etc.) uses the Site or Services on your behalf, you are nonetheless bound as a principal by all terms and conditions in the User Agreement.

Use by Others. You also agree that if you are not the person using the Services (including any Product or other information obtained from the Site or Services) that you will provide such person(s) who will be with a copy of these Important Legal Notices and the User Agreement.

Availability, Fees, Subscriptions and Updates to Products

For a description of how LexAlign works and the Products users can obtain, see About LexAlign.

LexAlign continues to build out its Product offerings. LexAlign’s Products do not cover all areas of law, all company types or all activities pertinent to any industry. The list of Topics a user will see on the user’s Topic page depend on what the user designated for industry and company type, and the range of LexAlign’s currently available Product offerings (and/or Products then under construction).

Access to Products. At this time, most LexAlign Products are available for a one-time fee. By paying the fee the user obtains for a time the ability to access and use the Product pursuant to the User Agreement, including Section 3.b. (LexAlign may at its sole discretion make certain Products free to certain users, based on a user’s other purchases or participation in a trial phase. The license for such Products is the same as for paid Products, subject to any supplementary agreement pertaining to such use.)

Updates to Products. During the time that a user has access to a Product, the Product may be updated to reflect changes in the legal requirements or modifications to how LexAlign expresses legal requirements covered in the Product. Users with a current license to the Product will be able to see those changes and modifications for no additional charge simply by logging into their account.

Legal events might alter the relevant requirements, or might lead LexAlign to alter its interpretation of legal requirements, in a way that, in LexAlign’s sole view, necessitates changes to the LexAlign Topic App (the dynamic set of questions used to determine which, if any, Products and information to present to a given user under a given Topic). In such cases, LexAlign will inform users that have already completed the Topic App of the need to go through the App again. The earlier version of a Product may no longer be available, partly in order to protect users from what LexAlign determines is outdated or inaccurate information. There may be a fee to obtain revised Products. Users with a then current subscription to a Product will receive preferential pricing on updated versions.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability Necessary for Viability of the Services

LexAlign makes no warranties regarding the Site or Services. Please see Section 5 of the User Agreement. Nothing in the Site or Services should be construed as a guarantee, warranty or prediction of the outcome of any legal matter, including without limitation any regulatory examination or investigation or legal action or proceeding.

Disclaimers and Limitations of Liability necessary for viability of the Services. By accessing or using the Site or Services you acknowledge and agree that LexAlign would not be able to provide the Site and Services without the Disclaimers of Warranty and Limitations on Liability contained in the User Agreement. Please see Sections 5 and 6 of the User Agreement.

Indemnification. You agree to use the Site and Services in compliance with all applicable laws and you agree to indemnify and hold LexAlign harmless from and against any and all claims, damages, losses or obligations arising from your failure to comply. Please see Section 10 of the User Agreement.

Certain phrases used for convenience. To make information on complicated regulatory requirements more easily readable and understandable, we often use second person pronouns, for instance, when we express a certain requirement as “you must” or “your company must” or “you may not,” etc. Notwithstanding the use of the pronoun, we intend the information as general information, just as the regulators may use the same pronoun in their published guidance materials. In addition, for simplicity sake and for your ease of use, we describe our products and services using (and for other purposes use) words and phrases such as “compliance kits,” “notices,” “compliance requirements,” “legal requirements,” “training materials,” and similar terminology. Notwithstanding the use of such words and phrases, we do not purport to (and cannot for a number of reasons) know or tell you exactly what requirements apply to your business. This in part relates to the inherent limitations of an automated service, and the fact that we do not verify your responses. See “What LexAlign Cannot Do” below.

What LexAlign Cannot Do. Just like any other self-help informational resource on regulatory compliance, LexAlign cannot indicate whether or not any body of regulations applies, which related requirements apply, or what in particular is required of any specific company or in a specific circumstance, in part for the following reasons:

  • LexAlign does not verify your inputs for industry or company type or any responses to the LexAlign Topic App (the dynamic set of questions used to determine which, if any, Products and information to presented to a given user under a given Topic).
  • Converting the dense language of regulations and statutes into readily understandable guidance inevitably creates the possibility that the interpretation of the guidance might deviate from how a regulator or court would interpret the regulation or statute.
  • The LexAlign Topic Apps cannot capture all relevant facts that might influence a court or regulatory examiner.
  • Laws and regulations, and regulator interpretations thereof, are continuously subject to change, and it is impossible to predict with certainty how a given court, agency or examiner would apply a statutory or regulatory provision to a specific set of facts.

The appearance of a Topic is not intended to mean, and should not be interpreted as meaning, that the Topic and related area of law is necessarily relevant for a given user’s purposes, or that LexAlign has a Product for that user under that Topic. Similarly the fact that a Topic does not appear, or that LexAlign does not currently have a Product for a given user under a Topic, does not mean that the user is not subject to regulatory requirements related to the Topic. In other words, if LexAlign does not present a Topic, or tells you in response to your responses in a given LexAlign Topic App that LexAlign does not have a Product related to that Topic suitable for you, you may still be subject to legal requirements under law covered by or related to the Topic.

LexAlign’s Site and Services are not approved or endorsed by, or affiliated with, any State, or governmental or licensing entity.

Electronic Transactions, Signatures and Notices

Please review your Consent to Electronic Disclosures and Transactions.

Wireless Carrier Charges

The LexAlign Site and Services are accessible via certain mobile electronic devices with Internet connectivity such as smart phones and tablets. You acknowledge and agree that if you access the Site or Services via a mobile device or provide a mobile phone number in connection with your account, you may accrue charges from your wireless carrier related to your use of the Site or Services or any telephone call we make to your mobile phone. You agree that you are solely responsible for any charges you may incur related to your use of a mobile device or mobile phone number as a result of or relating to your use of the Site or Services.

Claims of Infringement

LexAlign does not at this time host any user content submitted by subscribers or other users of the Site. If you believe in good faith that any content on the Site infringes your copyright(s), you may notify our designated agent by sending a notice to the following address. Your notice must contain the six elements prescribed by 17 U.S.C. 512(c)(3). Such notices not containing those elements will be returned or remain unprocessed. Address for Designated Agent:

Attn: Legal Department – Copyright Agent
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