Benefits of Subscription

What are the benefits of having a subscription to your LexAlign products?

There are three important benefits to maintaining a subscription to your products:

1. Continuous Access

You will be able to re-access your Product on That means you don’t have to rely on downloading or printing and saving paper or electronic copies. If you cancel your subscription, you will have to pay the one time charge again in order to access the product online.

2. Updates

As long as your subscription is active, we will update your Product. For example, if the relevant law changes or the regulators issue pertinent guidance, we will update your product to reflect the new changes. We will also update products continuously as we deem appropriate to enhance the clarity of the product. In all cases, we will update your products only if we determine the updates are relevant to you, based on your responses to the related Topic app questions. That’s one major distinction between LexAlign and other providers: we won’t bother you with content that (based on your responses) does not apply to you.

3. Access to Substantial Revisions

There will be occasions when you need to re-do the Topic app questions. It may be that you answered “No” to a question on what you’re doing, and then your practices change. Your products tell you which activities trigger the need to re-do your app responses.

Or it may be that the law or applicable regulatory guidance changes to such an extent that we need to revise the app questions and have you re-do them.

In either case, you will need to obtain a new version of the product.

If you have a current subscription to the product, we will rebate you part or all of the one-time charge (Access Fee) of the new product. (The amount of rebate will equal the lesser of the Access Fee you’ve already paid (in aggregate) in connection with the current subscription and the new Access Fee. That way you’ll only have to pay the positive difference, if any, by which the new Access Fee exceeds the amount of Access Fees you’ve already paid on the Product during the current subscription.)

Be sure to contact us for the rebate any time you have to re-do the Topic app questions.

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