From free to low cost, depending on the Product

By using our simple online automated apps, you can obtain Audit Reports and Action Plans as well as customized Compliance Essentials such as Checklists, Policies and Compliance Notices. You can also obtain general guides on compliance. We call those "your Products," because they are created specifically for your business by our automated system.

You can obtain some of your Products without paying any fee. Other Products we create for you are available for a low fee. The fee may vary from $40 to a few hundred dollars, depending on the nature of the Product, as described below. LexAlign Apps are designed to save you both money and time over other alternative sources for tailored Audits and Compliance Essentials. Please note that all statements regarding fees are subject to change and are governed by the LexAlign Terms of Use.

Licenses - what to know

As described in our Terms of Use, Lexalign Products (including "your Products") are available by license. There are three ways to obtain a license.

Some licenses are exempt from charge. You may continue to access the Product online at no charge while we maintain the exemption. We reserve the right to revoke the exemption at any time.

For some Products you might get a license from a third party, like a bank or insurance company that wants you to use one of our Audit Apps. In those cases, the third party has prepaid the license and the Product (typically an Audit Report/Action Plan) will be available to you at no charge while the third party maintains the license.

The third kind of license is subject to an upfront one-time fee (the "Access Fee") and a low ongoing subscription fee. The purpose and benefits of a subscription are explained below.

We strive to be fair in our pricing. For the areas of law we cover in our Apps, the requirements that apply to a given company will depend on the nature and complexity of its business activities. For example, a large business with complicated operations may need a more sophisticated Checklist, Policy and Notice than a smaller company with simpler operations. The Access fee is determined based on the sophistication of the Product required for the business. In that way we can be fair and affordable to companies of all sizes.

You may continue to access a Product on your Account dashboard so long as your license to that Product is current.

Subscriptions and Product updates

Both Audit Reports and Compliance Essentials are available on a subscription basis.

For Audit Reports, the subscription supports regular audits as required by law or your agreement with a financial institution. You will be able to access historical Audit Reports as long as your subscription is active.

For Compliance Essentials, a major benefit to maintaining a subscription is that the law is constantly changing. We will update Products and Apps when, in our view, it is warranted by changes in the law, regulator guidance or other factors. What's great about LexAlign Products as compared with other sources, is we won't bombard you with legal updates that aren't relevant to you, based on your answers to the App questions. At the same time, so long as your subscription is current, we'll let you know when a Product you've already obtained from us — such as a Policy, Checklist or Notice — has been updated due to changes in the law.

For more on this and other benefits of subscription, please click here. For any Product you may cancel your subscription at any time as described in our Terms of Sale.