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LexAlign helps corporate and commercial counsel address their clients' need for specific, actionable guidance on relevant regulatory requirements. Our state-of-the-art, automated, online tools provide a simple and efficient way for lawyers to determine the specific regulatory obligations that apply to a client under a given factual scenario.

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Why? Because LexAlign has built an unprecedented engine that, based on user responses to multiple choice questions, automatically generates tailored, actionable guidance on the ever-growing list of topics we cover.

While our system (think of it as a set of "tools") is designed to be used by persons with no prior knowledge of the law, it is equally suited to lawyers who want to understand, for any topic, the panoply of regulatory requirements that could apply to your client.

LexAlign was founded by a seasoned regulatory attorney to address a systemic problem: the lack of an affordable means for young or small companies to determine which requirements applied to them, and what that means in practical terms.

Our products are created by attorneys with particular expertise. For any topic, we try to cover any eventuality. It's much better than a horn book or primer: you get specific guidance pertinent to the factual circumstances, presented with a minimum of "legalese" and tailored to the relevant industry best practices.

We created LexAlign to solve the Paradox of Compliance. LexAlign is a Delaware Public Benefit Company. That means we have an official public benefit purpose: our mission is to facilitate compliance — to make it easier and more affordable to achieve — so that there is more competition and innovation in regulated markets.

We're a young, lean company, and we're eager to please. While we haven't yet built all the products on our to-do list, we're well on our way. We encourage you to use our site and give us feedback so that we can improve it. We might even give you a rebate for particularly useful comments.

For an ever-growing list of business entities in regulated markets, here are some of the products we offer:

  • A Compliance Action Plan tailored by industry and company type.
  • A Compliance Manual including tailored compliance Polices that the Regulators would expect the entity to have, with built-in, simple-to-implement record keeping and tracking of employee sign-offs.
  • Consumer Notices tailored to the user's business practices (as required by law).
  • And Compliance Guides that contain relevant, actionable guidance on other compliance obligations.

Finally, with our low product subscription fees, we'll keep you up to date on the evolving legal requirements that affect your client's business.

Our initial line of products address Federal and certain State regulatory requirements applicable to financial companies. While these requirements apply to a broad array of industries, we provide industry-specific guidance. We are currently focused on the auto dealer, small dollar lender and accounting industries. We aim in short order to replicate our products for other industries and company types covered by the same statutes and regulations.

Beyond that, we are interested in hearing from practitioners and participants in other industries. We will prioritize and build products according to what we determine are the most acute needs. Our technology is designed to be equally functional for any set of requirements. We are also constantly adding new functional aspects to address related needs. Once you sign up as an attorney to use our system, we'll provide you with updates on new product launches.

Please contact us if you are interested in participating in our Beta testing.

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